What is IT Maintenance?

Wikipedia states … “IT Maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair.” Is it that simple? Let’s take a look …

IT Maintenance and Car Servicing – What’s in common?

We are all tuned to having our cars serviced every 10,000KM or every 3 months, whichever comes first. We understand the necessity of having to change the motor oil, the spark plugs, the oil filter, the timing belts etc. and we do all of this in a bid to keep our car running smoothly, efficiently and without failures when we need it most. We all want to avoid having to nurse a car at the side of the road or having to put a call through to the tow-truck service while on the side of a busy highway.

If IT Maintenance is similar to car servicing …

Similarly, IT Maintenance refers to a series of maintenance tasks designed to prevent or to correct system, network and server failures. It is usually done as a precautionary measure to avoid and prevent any problems and failures that may occur in future. Sounds extremely similar to car servicing. My point exactly. If IT Maintenance is similar to car servicing, then why is it that so many businesses out there do not have any means of IT Maintenance?

Keyboard - Singapore IT Maintenance

Your Business and IT Maintenance

Ask yourself … Does your business have a comprehensive IT Maintenance program? Even if your business doesn’t have an internet IT department or for that matter, an internal IT administrator, does your business sign up with an IT Maintenance provider?

No? Why is that so? Aren’t you putting your entire business at a risk of breakdown and failures? Considering the dependence that we now have on emails, contact sharing, file sharing etc., aren’t you putting your business unnecessarily at risk? What will your business lose if your network suffers a downtime of one day? What happens if there is no Internet access in office for the entire day? Would your business suffer?

IT Maintenance – A Necessity for Every Business

Simply put, IT Maintenance is the proactive maintenance of desktop, laptops, servers and network components to ensure the smooth and optimal operation of the IT facility within an organization. If your car goes for regular car servicing, surely your business deserves the same.

Sign up for an IT Maintenance program and give your IT assets a boost and stop suffering from breakdowns and being stranded on the side of the BUSINESS HIGHWAY!

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